2012 Prophecy Alignment

Is There a Common Thread?


2012 Galactic Alignment

2012 Galactic Alignment

The "Galactic Alignment" is an astrological phenomenon where the Earth's solstice (the two times a year when the Earth's 'tilt' places its equator at its greatest distance from the sun) aligns with the center-line, or 'equator' of our galaxy, the Milky Way. This occurs approximately every 25,800, and is next to occur on December 12, 2012.

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2012 Mayan Calendar

The Mayan prophecies are primarily based off of the Mayan Calendar, which runs from August 11, 3114 B.C. to December 21, 2012... the same date as the Galactic Alignment. The closing date becomes more intriguing when one understands that the beginning date is the day the Mayans believed the world was created.  It was also clear that the Mayans had celestial knowledge of "the Dark Rift", a series of believed to be dust clouds which divide the Milky Way lengthwise, forming a dark lane flanked by numerous stars. As the Earth passes through this rift in 2012, it was the Mayans who believed this region was an entrance into Xibalba ("Place of Fear", which is the name of the Mayan underworld.

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2012 Mayan Calendar
2012 Nostradamus


Nostradamus was a practitioner of medicine in France in the sixteenth century. His writings, broken down into "quatrains" have been drawn upon as predictions for many events that have occurred in the centuries since his death. Perhaps most interesting of the predictions related to the Pontiffs (Popes) of the Roman Catholic Church. According to experts, only one Pope after the current Pontiff (Pope Benedict XVI) will reign. His description of the current Pope coming "from ancient France" accurately depicting Pope Benedict XVI's birthplace, Bavaria, Germany, which had been a part of ancient France.

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St. Malachy

The prophecy of St. Malachy refers to a 12th century Roman Catholic Bishop of Armagh in Northern Ireland. Malachy had been summoned to Rome by Pope Innocent II, and while there, he had a vision of the future Popes (112 in all, though some have argued it was only 111), which he recorded with a series of phrases describing each Pope from then on. The brief descriptions have been remarkably accurate, and Malachy's number -- as is the case with Nostradamus -- identifies only one additional Pontiff to be named after Benedict XVI, the 111th Pope of Malachy's list. Malachy referred to our current Pope as "The Glory of the Olive" (the Benedictines use an olive branch as a symbol, and an ancient Benedictine sub-order was known as the "Olivetans"), and the final Pope is identified by the phrase "Petrus Romanus" or "Peter the Roman."

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2010 St. Malachy
2012 Hebrew Scriptures

Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh)

The Hebrew Scriptures, also referred to as "The Old Testament" speak of a future calamitous period near the end of time where an evil one will reign. These end-times prophecies are primarily drawn from the Book of Daniel, a Jew taken to Babylon during the Babylonian Captivity. When it became clear that Daniel had a special gift of interpreting dreams, he was elevated to the most powerful advisor of Nebuchadnezzar. He became head over a caste known, among other names, as "Magi". Many believe it was descendants of this caste who came "from the East" to pay homage to "The Hebrew King", Jesus of Nazareth. Also interesting to note, the descendants of these "Medes" are today known as the "Kurds."

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Christian Scriptures

The Christian Scriptures, also referred to as "The New Testament" speak of a future time of "tribulation" before the end of the world, as well as a "man of iniquity" who will be at the center of a great deception that will entrance many in the last days. These end-time prophecies are primarily drawn from the Book of Revelation. Perhaps the greatest, and seemingly most impossible event of the past century of prophecy fulfillment is the reestablishment of the Nation of Israel in 1948. Many claim, the "close of the age" will not occur until the Third Temple of Judaism is rebuilt on Mount Moriah (the second was destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans). The main problem? Though Mount Moriah is technically on Israeli soil, currently on the site of the former Temple is the "Dome of the Rock", Islam's third most sacred shrine.

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2012 Bible Prophecy
2012 Marian Apparitions

Private Revelations

So-called "private revelations" have purportedly been granted to a number of followers of Jesus Christ, in the form of apparitions (supernatural "visitations") of Jesus and/or His mother, the Virgin Mary or locutions (an interior reception of ideas, thoughts, or visions without the presence of a supernatural entity) which have spoken of the many -- often difficult -- times to come. These private revelations "exploded" in frequency after the French Revolution, and many have also spoken of an "Era of Peace" which is to take place before the final return of Jesus Christ/the Messiah.

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Prophecy Alignment Fiction
The Prophecies Align

Are conventional Christian theories of the 'end times' off the mark?  Is there a common thread between impending scientific phenomena and the prophecies of seemingly divergent origins? With the release of The Dominion Project, author Compasse offers an alternate proposal.

The Dominion Project is the landmark work by writer Compasse, proposing an impending future scenario which synthesizes scientific phenomena, multi-origin prophecies, theological insight, and sociological theory approached through a thought-provoking, philosophical perspective. Though it reads as a supernatural/geopolitical fiction thriller, Dominion's underlying message is clear: a fundamental transformation of human existence is upon us -- and the means by which this metamorphosis will take place has been with us since the beginning of time...

The secret language of Music has been discovered


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The Dominion Project




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